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Innovative Oil and Gas Lifting Equipment

Thank you for your interest in our oil and gas industry lifting equipment.

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Proof tested to 2 times the WLL. Ultimate breaking strength of more than 90 tons!

World-Class Quality

Most of the world today relies on the oil and gas industry to keep society functioning well. Thus, it is important for them to always have high-quality equipment that will not fail them.

At Roughneck Lifters, we sell state-of-the-art wellhead and valve lifting devices specifically tailored for the industry‚Äôs needs. With our products, oil and gas companies around the world will never have to worry about alterations to their equipment. Roughneck Lifters manufactures lifting lugs from 1" to 4" that thread directly onto the exiting UN-Series threads used on all wellhead equipment, valves, BOP's, etc. 

Our goal is to improve the oil and gas industry by providing specialized lifting devices designed for its specific needs. By doing so, we help companies optimize their operations and save money that they would have used for equipment modification.

We take pride in how our lifting lugs thread directly onto the UN-8 thread series bolts that oil and gas valves and wellhead equipment currently use. This allows the end-user to lift both flanged and studded connections utilizing the existing studs without the need to alter or add to their equipment.

Increasing efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Mission Statement

Roughneck Lifters is committed to providing the safest and most efficient lifting devices for the oil and gas industry.

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